Zion National Park, Utah Elopement Vow Renewal

ZION ZION ZION!!! There is no place I love more than Zion. I mean HOLY MOLY!! God took his sweet time to create this masterpiece of a place.

The colors, the views, the most amazing breathtaking mountains... I mean I just cannot get enough.

Planning this fun adventure was one of my favorite things! This couple was already married but we did a sweet little vow renewal for their anniversary!

We got up way too early to be there on time and got the LAST parking spot in the lot right next to the steps to this view.

This was a nice and easy hike even though it was pitch black. We used headlamps and flashlights, and as a person afraid of heights I didn't find it scary at all.

But, if you are thinking of eloping in this majesty of a place, I HIGHLY suggest getting there way earlier than needed to get a spot. Because it is a hard place to find parking other than the lot.

So, we hiked up the hill and made it to the most MAGNIFICENT VIEW!! My jaw dropped. It was amazing taking in this view, watching the sunrise, and just seeing how magnificent God is in his creation.

We had fun messing around. The couple exchanged their rings for fun and said their vows. Although we gave them their space to have that as a private moment, you could feel the emotion, devotion, and just pure love and admiration they have to each other... I might of 100% cried... but let's be real, when do I not??

We checked out different spots on that hill and just took photos of our journey.

When we got down the mountain, we were questioned if the couple got married and had a ceremony, which we didn't. But there was a LEGIT wedding up there with family and everything. And guess what, they DIDN'T have a permit... AHHHH.

That's another thing you MUST have in order to elope in Zion.... a permit. It is required. And you will be fined if you do not have one.

So, if you do find yourself eloping in Zion National Park in Utah, remember:

Get there early.

Bring flashlights

Get a permit

and most importantly... HAVE FUN!!!

With elopements, you are on your own timeline and just get to make it 100% your day. Let yourself go and hire me ;)

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