Sunset Beach Wedding

It does not get much better than a sunset beach wedding. Although it is not always typical, some people have their ceremony right at sunset. This is what this couple did. The ceremony pictures are gorgeous. But there are also some things to keep in mind.

We had to make sure we got ALL the formal photos done before the ceremony. This is because there would not be enough light for their bridals, family, or bridal party photos. So we scheduled all those to be done before. One thing to also keep in mind is the location. This specific location has a mountain directly West. This means the sun goes behind the mountain about 20 minutes before the actual sunset time. This also meant the sun went away faster than we expected.

It all worked out because we planned accordingly. We got all the photos done in time and the couple got everything they wanted. They even really wanted a first kiss photo with all their friends and family in the background. How fun?!? take a look at some of their photos from that day.


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