Skater Couple Newport Beach, CA Engagement Session

I always tell my couples to incorporate a fun thing they do into their engagement session. This couple told me that they love to skateboard together and go to the beach! So of course we had to capture them in their element!!!

By creating a place in which they already feel comfortable I can then push them to do things they wouldn't normally do since they are already so comfortable to start with. These are also perfect for people looking for couple engagement photo inspiration. It is something different from normal engagement photos.

We had a blast at Newport Beach, CA at the Newport Beach Pier. Although parking was almost impossible and it was busy, we all still had a blast and have photos to prove it.

Zoe and Sam rocked these photos and most importantly create a memory with it. I love that I can say my engagement sessions really are mini-dates and that I will be the BEST third wheel!!!

So next time for your Southern California Engagement Session, pick a hobby you love, and let's capture something beautiful!!!!

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