San Clemente Wedding

This wedding was a beautiful day in San Clemente, CA. It was a perfect day. The couple had a beautiful day planned at La Ventura Event Center. If you get married in San Clemente you almost always have to take some bridals at the beach. It was also the perfect place to add to their wedding.

San Clemente is also called the Spanish Village By The Sea. Most venues here are Spanish styled. La Ventura is one of those places. Being by the sea, a person should always take some pictures by the sea.

One really great thing about San Clemente too is that the weather is usually always great. This wedding was on December 28th. The weather was a perfect 70 degrees and was very sunny! The only downside to having weddings late in the year is there is less sun. The sun did go down around 4:45 and the wedding ceremony started around 4:10. One of the things to help these situations is to take as many photos as you can before the ceremony. We were able to take all the bridals before and the groomsmen photos. As we were about to start bridesmaids, more guests were showing up and we didn't want to bride to be seen so we had to take those after the ceremony. This couple in particular also wanted their family photos after as they had a lot of children and getting them there before was a tad bit hard. So we definitely had to do our best after the ceremony as the sun and light were leaving us to take their family photos and bridesmaid photos!

Was this difficult? Not at all. This family and these bridesmaids were more than willing to be cooperative and help go through all the desired shots (which we, of course, talked about beforehand in detail). That is always the best part when families and bridal parties get together to really make the day as fun and easy as possible! There was no stress and no rushing, it was perfect!!

So one thing to keep in mind is to make sure to go with the flow of the day when it comes to the wedding day. Things will happen, people will be late, things will run behind the intended time, but if you are flexible and willing to let the little things go, you will have a stress free (for the most part) day! Trust in those around you and those who you have hired aka your vendors! You hired them because you trusted them. Put your trust in your vendors to handle all the details and to be the ones to be stressed, that's what we are for! (;

Here are some photos from that day!

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