Rainy Day Weddings

It is your wedding day. Everything is planned perfectly. Decorations are done, vendors are paid for, and everything is starting to calm down... until you check the weather.

But fear not! Rainy Day weddings can be enjoyable and stressfree! Here are some ways to make the best out of your rainy day wedding. It is good luck anyways!

The first thing is to have a backup plan set. Make sure that you, your coordinator, and venue have a plan. Whether that be tents or making the wedding indoors instead of outdoors, a backup plan is always better than having no plan.

The second thing is to be prepared with your supplies. Adam and Amanda took my advice and got a see-through umbrella! The reason it needs to be see-through is that it still allows light to come through. Solid colored umbrellas stop the light and make it hard to work with lighting.

Find places that are covered but still are outside and let light in. This will help keep you dry and yet will be outside!

It also helps to have a good attitude! Rain is good luck and should be celebrated. Let's

be real, you can get some amazing photos. Don't be afraid to get wet or to get your dress a little dirty. It will be worth it trust me!!

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