Modern and Fun Downtown Pasadena Engagement Session - Southern California

This couple is one of my favorites, one of them being the fact that they want to do everything differently.

We started our day doing a walkthrough of their wedding venue picking out different spots for the ceremony, reception, and their first look. I loved being able to be a part of that discussion and given the opportunity to be a part of that discussion and give my input!!

We then took a break. While Vicky and Guillermo went to change and do makeup I went to their desired location which was downtown Pasadena. This was a special place for

Vicky mentioned that Pasadena is where she grew up and had a lot of memories there.

They wanted the downtown feel.

There were two things they said before our session and while planning everything together.

The first was that she didn't want anything that was "too Posey".

The first thing I did was laugh because I don't like posed engagement sessions either. Wheat I like to do is just to be organic with my couples. I let them kinda lead the session with just being together and I tweak different aspects. After all, I am there to capture their love, and how they are together.

Plus I want it to be as raw as possible.

The second thing they mentioned is they said they have always felt awkward in front of the camera... I laughed again.

This time I laughed because almost all couples tell me that before their engagement sessions. And every time after they tell me how fun it is.

I think people have a misconception of photos.

When really what it is is all of us hanging out and I am pretty much just your wingwoman for each other to make out, cuddle, and have fun.

What did the session consist of?

Well, we walked around one of her favorite cities, saw some of her favorite art, played ping pong, wrestled, and got coffee. You heard me. It wasn't "do this, hold her this way, smile, fake laugh"

It is real stuff we do to have fun and allow them to just relax and have a fun time.

It was such a fun day to be able to get to know one another, comfortability levels, and just more about the couple. Which is the purpose of engagement sessions to me. Then, they get pretty awesome photos from it.

So here it is, their fun engagement session from Downtown Pasadena in beautiful Southern California.

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