Intimate San Diego Beach Wedding - Windansea Beach

This was one of my favorite wedding days. Why? Because I love small an intimate weddings and this was just that.

This couple were both previously married and both have older adult children. They both had their big days and wanted this to be intimate with only close family and friends. The only real thing they cared about was that they were going to be married and joining their two families.

It was a little hectic with gathering their family for pre-ceremony family photos, but one great thing about having a smaller and intimidate wedding is the timeline doesn't have to be so concrete.

This gave them the flexibility to be able to take more time and not rush these very important family photos, which is one of the reasons I love more intimate weddings. There is never any rush.

After all their family photos, they were able to have a sweet ceremony right on the beach of windansea in La Jolla, California. It was a beautiful day for the couple.

One sweet aspect they did was also say vows to their new children. It was so sweet to take the time out of their big day to be able to vow to love their new children as well.

They said their vows and had their first kiss. Then before heading off to their back yard reception, we took some pretty epic photos of the two of them on the cliffs of la Jolla with one heck of a sunset.

What do we learn here?

Sometimes its better to just go with the flow. Do not worry too much about timelines on your big day. Ultimately, the wedding can't start without you.

Hire vendors with experience and who are professional to make sure the day goes smoothly for the things that they can control.

At the end of the day let the little things go and just enjoy being with the person you love most.

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