Elopements Styled Shoot in Glamis, California

This was a fun day and a very scary day out in the desert, I have to tell you guys about it.

Although, it was such a fun day with this couple something very scary and irreversible happened... And man did I learn a good lesson in the process.

This couple is not yet married but they agreed to be a part of this epic day. They got glammed up by an awesome vendor team (their Instagrams are at the bottom) and dressed up by some local bridal and tux stores.

Then we drove out from San Diego, California to our car ride out to the desert in Glamis, Califonia. It was BEAUTIFUL, to say the least. It was incredible to be in the middle of it and take in its beauty. We were able to get a parking spot (which was quite difficult).

We got out and started to shoot this beautiful day.

Once we got started I wanted to do some detailed shots of her hand, and well I gave her my ring, MY OWN ENGAGEMENT RING!!! Right away I saw it was loose, but I thought, "It will only be this one-shot then I will take my ring back".

Of course, once I started to get in the groove I completely forgot. Then about 10 minutes later, the bride stopped and gave me a white face, dear in the headlights stare. She then said, "I don't have your ring on anymore..."

I then stopped and looked around trying not to freak out. We have been walking around all over. And this sand is not hard, it's soft and we were running and twirling so it could have easily been pushed to the bottom.

I call out the other photographer who is also my best friend to come and help look and I heard her say "I would never do that, no way we will find that ring" ... She was great support and obviously had NO idea I could hear her.

So we start to look and after about 10 minutes I start to give up, but then I remember.. I have been taking pictures...

So I then go back through my photos and look for when the ring was on and when it is off. I look through each photo, and I finally see it.. I see it slowly get farther down her finger... and then it's gone. So, we at least knew the location. That helps right?

Well, it was also the location where we were twirling and stepping everywhere.

But we continued the search. And MAN, was my heart just dropping and I felt the guilt. What would my husband say? How heartbroken would he be? Why didn't we get insurance!!! All rushing in and I just sat down...

I was way too overwhelmed,

Then I heard a scream of the model. And she saw it!!!!! IT WAS FOUND!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH.

I was so happy. The other model dug it up and then she saw it in a sand pile and picked it up. I had never been so relieved. I put it back on and hugged the heck out of her and thanked everyone for their help and for not giving up even when I lost hope and was just completely terrified.

So what did I learn?

1. Don't take your ring into Glamis

2. Don't let anyone else wear it

3. Don't let somewhere wear it in Glamis especially when it is obviously way too big for them.

4. Buy some fake rings from Amazon.

I learned the hard way, but hey, I will never make the mistake of doing it again and I will not take that for granted.

God was watching over us that day.

Shout out to these amazing vendors and couple!!!

Also, try to look through the photos and see if you can spot where the ring was lost...

Photographer: @velazquezphotography

Hosts: @velazquezphotography & @laurs_turner

Models: @lindseyschiller & @jleon715

Hair: @s.b.whimsicalhair

Makeup: @uniqueandflawless

Calligraphy: @sillylittleletter

Florals: @reed_and_rye

Dresses: @marymebridal 

Tuxes: @friartux

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