Cuvier Park Sunset Proposal (San Diego)

Hello All! I must say I LOVE proposals so much. I love seeing the excitement. They are literally the sweetest things to see. There are so much emotion and love in them.

There are a lot of things that go into proposals. So I will share the planning process and the process of engagement sessions (:

One of my favorite things is the fact that I get to help a lot with the planning of proposals. You and your photographer really need to chat to make sure you are on the same page. So, what I do is I text and call the person who is proposing to plan this thing out!

The first thing to talk about is the location. You want an epic background for your proposal! Usually in Southern California, that means beaches, cliffs, and the ocean. The location can't just be at a certain beach but it has to be clear between the photographer and the person proposing the EXACT LOCATION!! If a person just says a beach, it can be confusing where exactly since beaches can span for miles. So, it is important to be very specific. One thing that helps is having an experienced photographer that knows all that goes into planning proposals but also that knows the area. For this proposal, we chatted about different beaches, but he knew he wanted it to be somewhere in La Jolla. So we chose Cuvier park and this exact grass spot where a lot of wedding ceremonies are actually held.

The next thing you want to talk about is time. Sunset is ALWAYS the best time because the lighting is not too harsh and you get some magical colors. There are sometimes though times where there will be people waiting on you afterward for some surprise party, but if able sunset always has the best lighting! So I always want that golden hour, which we were able to do!

Also, know what each other are wearing. I always usually wear all black, but I want to know what you are wearing and ask for a picture of the couple because a lot of the times, I won't meet them until that day, so I really have to have a good idea of what the heck they look like! I sometimes have to sneakily get the eye of the person proposing because what usually happens is they can't find me or see me so they always want to make sure I am there before but don't worry!! If we were able to plan it out, I AM THERE.

I gave Gene the green light with two thumbs up when I saw him looking around. Then within the next 30 seconds, he got down on one knee. Then I ran up to take more close up photos and bombarded them!! I gave them a few minutes alone and then we started taking some awesome photos together(:

I love that I always feel like the person being proposed to sees me, but the thing is they are so focused on the person proposing, I could probably run around with a giant American flag in the background and they wouldn't see me!

But anyway, here is my process for proposals! I hope you found this helpful and enjoyed these photos!

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