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Capturing You Through God's Lens

Thank you for visiting this page! I would love to work with you and capture your special day!

What does it mean to Capture You Through God's Lens?

Capturing you through God's Lens means that I want to capture all of you. I believe that every single person is beautiful exactly the way God made them and I want to capture you in who you are. 

I want to capture the silliness, the messiness, the fun, the awkward, everything that makes you, you.


I want to capture the two of you being weird and outgoing with one another. I want to capture the essence of your relationship in an image you can keep for the rest of your life.


All I ask is that you be open and ready to have a good time, laugh a lot, and maybe even break a sweat. 




About me

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My name is Darby Velazquez. I am a photographer based in beautiful Southern California, San Clemente to be exact.


I love long walks on the beach, cliche I know, but hey! I live on the beach how could I not? I am married to an amazing man named Carlos, who recently just retired from the military. We have two fur babies and they are CRAZY, but they are too dang cute. I love blasting country music (especially Dan&Shay), the open road, singing obnoxiously loud, and putting my arms out the window.  So, of course, I am ALWAYS down to travel. 





I love photography and making people smile, and most of all capturing those raw emotions during a shoot. I am someone who makes you do weird things that just make you genuinely laugh. I am never afraid to laugh at myself. I like to tell people's stories through images. I love being able to capture a moment forever in time, and being able to share that photo and say, this is how I would describe this couple or person. I love, love, and I want to be able to share your story as well. 

I also love making new friends! So of course, when I am hired, between all the texts, phone calls, and wedding planning venting you bet we will be pretty close by the time your wedding rolls around. I want to do and be more than a wedding photographer, I want to be a friend and a person you can count on. This isn't just a "job" and I am not just your average "vendor". I am passionate about this amazing, wonderful, and rewarding thing we call photography. 

San Clemente, CA .                                                          thevelazquezphotography@gmail.com 

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